Wester Ross Visitor Shelters

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Ross-shire, Scotland. 2016

Braemore Junction
Loch Carron
Braemore Junction 1:25000
Braemore Junction 1:5000
Braemore Junction 1:500
Braemore Junction 1:100
Achnasheen 1:25000
Achnasheen 1:5000
Achnasheen 1:500
Achnasheen 1:100
Loch Carron 1:250000
Loch Carron 1:5000
Loch Carron 1:500
Loch Carron 1:100
Loch Carron 1:100
Loch Carron 1:100

The enduring buildings that mark man’s existence within our Highland landscape are built from this landscape. Each stone displaced and placed carefully in relation to others to make a home, a shelter. A place that makes a robust yet ultimately fragile mark in the landscape. 

The proposal is for a series of three shelters, consistent in their materials and assembly yet specific to their individual place, that through their design isolate and highlight a particular aspect of their individual history and location. The material palette is restrained and rugged, developed out of a deep understanding of the demands that the Highlands place on their buildings, to enable buildings that are economical in their construction and robust in use with minimal maintenance requirements. A large unworked rock from the nearby landscape occupies the interior of each shelter. Each rock is larger than the opening to the shelter it inhabits and the walls are constructed around it.

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