Aaron Collins
Clare Heath-Pratt
Karita Simonsen
Lise Vabo
Sam Clagett
William Gottelier
Yannis Timagenis

On the afternoon of Friday the 14th of October, 2011 we met our students in Hampstead, London. Half the group of twenty or so third years at Kingston University saw 2 Willow Road by Erno Goldfinger and the other half visited 78 Park Hill to be met by the Architect – Brian Housden.

The students were not allowed to take any photographs; and, as a record of their visit we asked them to (re)construct, from memory, an aspect of the interior of either of the houses, build a 1:20 model of that space and photograph it. The following is extracted directly from the brief:

“During the visit pay careful attention to the space, materials, junctions, the quality and direction of natural and artificial light as well as any other factors that contribute to the quality that interests you.

The object of value is your memory of the aspect of the project that moved or interested you. Your model will reflect the character rather than the reality of what you saw.

The model itself has no value, the output is the photograph. The model is a tool or a stage set in the production of your image. There is no need to construct anything beyond the frame of the image. The visible parts of the model are to be of paper. Think very carefully about your photograph. Consider the lighting, the framing, the composition, the exposure and the depth of field. Finally make sure that all verticals are vertical.”

Short Project taught by Michael Lee and David Owen at Kingston University.